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Web Development

Web Development

It’s more than a URL! It’s your biggest marketing tool and a virtual customer experience. Our Development team follow a strict process to gurantee we bring you a platform focused on User Experience, speed, reliability and conversion.

At Street Code, we strive to be more than just another Web Development company. What we think sets us apart is that we realise that your website is a natural extension of your business, usually your audiences first visual representation of your brand and a vital component to any marketing or business strategy in 2020.

When choosing someone to build your new website, you need someone that you can trust to execute every aspect to the highest level of detail whilst being correctly scaled to the needs of your business.

Whether you are in need of a full-scale, custom built website that you never want to have to worry about or a CMS based wesbite so that you and your staff can easily access the site and make changes, we at Street Code have you covered and will bring you a fully immersive, seamless, future-proof and functional, multi-platform digital presence.

Capabilities –

‘No-Touch’ Website

CMS Website

E-Commerce Website

Our Web Development Process –



Our Develop process is best when used in conjunction with our Design process. We use this to inform our build process and along with your brand identity, customer pain points and needs such as traffic level, we work to give you a preliminary timeline and build plan.



Next we conduct thorough market research on your industry, industry leaders and competitors as well as target audience research and meeting with any share holders, to construct a final timeline and more of a tailored project plan. After ths we start to look at how your website will work best!


User Experience

Simply put, User Experience is everything. It’s the functionality of your website, how easy it is to use, to get from one place to another and how easy it is to find what you want. A bad UX might mean your customer leaves their basket full and doesn’t buy a thing. Good UX improves customer satisfaction and loyalty through the ease of use and pleasure provided in interacting with your site.


User Interface

After UX is done and people can use your site easily, we move onto UI.
UI stands for User Interface in simple terms it is the visual aspects you see on a website. The fancy buttons and transitions that appeal to your audience, the color schemes and the ways in which your audience is directed to the correct place, that is all the job of our UI guys. Good UI means leaving a lasting impression.



Our Design and Development team collaborate to bring you the most up to date designs and elements to perfectly reflect your brands image and increase leads and conversions.



What starts with a sleek, minimal design turns into a beautiful custom-coded wesbite that truly gives your brand a digital voice and presence that will rival your competitors.


Quality Testing

Our team loves bug testing! Our thorough QT process will see us test speeds, security and overall usability. We will catch most problems before they become and easy but we will also provide you with an easy Ticket Generation process which ensures fix any issues immediately.

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