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RentGuard Bespoke insurance for the resedential and commercial property market.


Dev, Design, Marketing and Content.

How We Helped:

RentGuard was our very first project way back in 2013. We built an entire large-scale website already designed by an outside source. Next we created content, branding and the messaging across the site.

After building the first website we then re-designed an older site Once done, we researched and created content relevant to Landlords, creating articles and out-sourcing some media creation to freelancers.

API Integration

Then we sourced and built in an Online Insurance Quotation and Insurance Management System. While we easily found a OQS that was suitable, it was harder to find an IMS which covered our many bases.

So, based on our thoughts the company outsourced the building a unique IMS. In charge of making sure the project met timelines and most importantly met very specific specifications. Since then it has increased leads and conversions drastically. The IMS appealed to agents and brokers that could not take calls.

We re-branded to soften the look and feel of the site. We went with animal themed campaigns with the aim of taking a more friendly tone than is usual. As well as building sites, we bug checked the IMS and created content for Social Media. We also installed equipment, gave tech support and fixed broken tech.