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We excel in creating omni-present marketing strategies that focus on long-term engagement. From SEO to Social Media Sponsorships we work with you to bring you a digital marketing plan that captures and converts your target audience into customers.

While we at Street Code recognise we are primarily a Development and Design company, we recognise better than most that it takes far more than these two things to create a proper market and branding plan. It takes compelling and comment worthy content, engaging social media campaigns and targeted imagery and messaging and much, much more.

We aim to provide and execute effective and concise digital marketing campaigns that will increase visibility, target your desired audience, drive new leads and help them convert. Our marketing services come in many different packages, from creative direction, SEO, Social Media Coordination, paid advertising and events.

Capabilities –

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Marketing

Our Process –



We take a thorough dive into your industry landscape and industry leaders, your target audience as well as industry trends to help us better understand your brands style and make more informed decision.



We might be the Digitial Marketing masters but you are certainly the expert on your own business and brand. We work closely with you to ensure we fully recognise your objectives so we can set both your short and long term goals.



With the collected research and data along with our human-centric approach, we develop your a omni-channel marketing strategy that encompasses all of your objectives and goals.



From targeted messaging, creative content, social media campaigns and everything in between, we execute your marketing strategy to ensure that it makes it’s way to the audience that’s important to you.



As Digital Marketing is an ever evolving process, we take a more agile approach. Optimising your digital marketing, adjusting campaigns and implementing new findings and trends are just some of the ways we are sure to improve your ROI.