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Web Design @ Evolution LDN – A cycling gym in South West London famous for dealing in Endorphins, Drum & Bass and Class A Trainers.


Web Design, Devlopment, WordPress, SquareSpace, Marketing, Maintenance, Media Creation and Installation.

How We Helped With Web Design:

Web Design at Evolution LDN. We joined Evolution way back at the start, since it was no more than an idea. An idea to start a small-scale, local gym that was more than perfectly curated Instagrams and walls with motivational quotes. We wanted to start a place of health where you could lose six inches but also keep the top six sorted and be happy. This quickly turned into a reality and boy did it happen quickly.

From the bottom up we sat down with owners and investors to find an image we wanted to portray. What we came up with was a dark, no-bullshit, edgy but open branding that set us far apart from competitors.

We got involved in all sides of this project, from Marketing and Contnent Creation but we mostly focused on the Web Design and Development and everything that comes with it. We sourced hosting services, researched relevant Content Management Systems (CMS), designed first drafts and implemented the final piece.

In charge of planning Marketing campaigns, designing the logos, messaging and just about all of the content housed on the site.

Next we sourced, inegrated and implemented a booking system that could handle the needs of a busy gym and be loaded into the back end of appropriate CMS. This system had to cover many gym based needs such as a booking system, calendar and contact system as well as more administiral roles such as staff rota, payroll and absence reporting.

The New Site

The first version of this site was built using WordPress and Code but during the 2020 update of the website we were requested to build with SquareSpace. This was because our clients found this CMS much easier to use for their average user.

Other ways we worked with Evolution was installation and set up of computer and media equipment. We started up and maintained Social Media and set up of payment systems, SEO + Marketing and Content Creation. This is as well as many other processes that come with being so closely involved and invested in a project.

Media –