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Equipment Installation

Equipment Installation

If the idea of un-tangling wires doesn’t sound fun to you, let us do it! We have been installing technical equipment since before we built websites.

You dont need to know the difference between a Cat-6 and USB to set up a computer but maybe you have something much bigger in mind that would require expert Equipment Installation.

With experience installing most systems such as WiFi Networks, Home Cinema and Audio Equipment. We install equipment residentially and commercially. Recently we installed a Home Cinema in Calgary as well as fitted a gym in London for all of their audio and visual equipment.

We are also able to source the best equipment to install for you, taking all of the hassle out of your new audio system.

Capabilities –

Audio Systems

Visual Systems

Computer Systems

WiFi Systems

Our Process –



We will have a good chat with you to establish exactly what it is you are after and what needs and goals must be met. We will go over budgets, the premises and type of installation needed and give you a preliminary price target and timeline.



We head out to source the best equipment for your budget and begin to research future-proof appproaches to your objectives. We finish drawing up any plans or electics maps and present you with the near finished project for you review.



Installtion will always be painlessly easy for you, we ensure work is completed around any schedules you may have. We also are clean freaks, we promise we won’t leave a mess in your space and leave things exactly as we found them!

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