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About Us

About Streetcode: A one stop service online media agency with experience across design, development, marketing and visual media. We believe communication creates results therefore bring you a human based approach to all things digital.

2012 saw the start of what became Street Code in 2020. Many years of learning, teaching and collaborating with different people and companies left us with a varied skillset.

Being of the younger generation, we recognise that we view the Internet and the new Digital Media age in a completely different scope. We have evolved around the Internet as much as it has evolved around us. We have become symbiotic with it. Relying on it for news, for being social, ordering food and clothes and even earning money.

This has led us to become innovators, perfectionist, impatient, deep thinkers that are determined to change the landscape of the digital world as it is the last frontier open to us.

What We Do

Yes, you have probably gathered we build websites but we are much more than just that. We pride ourselves on delivering human centred, future-proof wesbites and media. This basically means we want to provide the world with websites that even the most computer illiterate can use with ease.

Streetcode provides content that is original, thought provoking and lead generating. We understand that 2020 brands and businesses need to come with a certain type of popular image or ‘coolness’ to attract a certain type of audience.

What We Believe

We believe strongly about bringing our clients a design that revolves around their needs and goals. We believe in making every step of the way as easy for the client as we can. You wont be confused with jargon or be bogged down with the boring stuff you dont need to know. You should have a love and faith for your business that comes with seamless branding, original content and an edgy but simplistic digital presence.

Creating a consistent, memorable experience for your customers is the best way to engage your target audience and gain new leads and conversions. Organic digital marketing is the way of the future. Humans are much more open to this type of advertisement than the usual robotic messaging.

From cutting edge designs and marketing campaigns, we create custom solutions today that will out last the trends of tomorrow. We gurantee a future-proof product and service to ensure that your brands voice is ready to be heard by the world!